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Microphone Accessories

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Broadcast Accessory Pack

Podcasters, live streamers, gamers, and YouTubers: get everything you need to upgrade your online presence in a single purchase! The Broadcast Accessory Pack includes a sturdy microphone boom arm, a pop filter, headphones, and a professional XLR cable. The adjustable-tension PBA-1 microphone boom arm is compatible with Revelator, PX-1, PD-70, and most other standard microphones via the included 5/8" male to 3/8" female thread adapter. With a boom arm, you’ll clear up valuable desk space while adding new mic positioning options—including far away from clackety mechanical keyboards.

Rounding out the package are the lightweight, great-sounding HD7 headphones, which remain cozy and non-fatiguing over long production or stream sessions. The APF-1 pop filter reduces vocal plosive sounds from enthusiastic presenters, ensuring that your dialogue recordings remain world-class. And just to tie everything together—you also get a 10-foot professional XLR cable to connect your mic to your interface.
First shipment will arrive in August 2021

PBA-1 microphone boom arm features adjustable tension and is compatible with Revelator, PX-1, PD-70, and most standard microphones

Includes a 5/8" male to 3/8" female thread adapter for use with standard microphone mounts

APF-1 pop filter reduces vocal plosive sounds in your recordings and streams

HD7 headphones are lightweight, comfortable, and great-sounding; includes ⅛” to ¼” adapter

10-foot XLR microphone cable included to connect your mic to your interface

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Universal Shock Mount SHK-1

Shock mount for the PreSonus PX-1 and M7 microphones

The SHK-1 isolates your microphone from the mechanical vibrations of the physical world—meaning when you record, you only have your voice or instrument to worry about.

Robust, industrial metal construction protects your mic from scratches while looking hot on-camera

Extra shock cord and hard stand mount included

Compatible with the PreSonus PX-1, M7 and other similarly-threaded microphones and standard mic stands.

Compatible with microphones up to 55mm (2.15 inches) in diameter

​Thread size is 22mm x 1 TPI

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